All possible outcomes of dating simulator

08-May-2018 04:57

The action movie and romantic comedy consist of 3 screens each, act 1, act 2, and act 3.So basically I am reducing a 2 hour movie to a 3 panel comic strip and finding it very easy to do.In the case of the crowded movie theater, it turned out that the theater prop I bought for the occasion has an audience of low resolution patrons already included, they just look kind of crappy.So instead of a mission to create lots and lots of people to fill the seats, the challenge became, how do I make the crappy looking people look less crappy. First, a darkened theater where the primary source of light is the movie screen, thus making the audience backlit helps.

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The still above is from the romantic comedy (just kidding).

Second, strategically covering the round heads with low res hair models I have collected over the years makes it look better than it really is.

If you look at just the silhouetted heads it looks like a theater of unique characters.

It is only looking at the arms and further away characters that give away the cheat. Now I have thought about “going to the movies” as an option for a date since I started working on the first dating simulator, and I had always had it where, you talk for a bit before the movie, then two hours go by, and then you talk afterwords.

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But since the theater turned out so easy, I took up a new challenge of doing fake stills of the movie you are watching as an entertaining way of saying “time is passing, and all you are doing is watching a movie”.

With dozens, possibly even hundreds of possible dates (no where close to the tens of thousands of possible dates in the first game, just keeping it more real this time), completing the graphical work on just one of those dates is a milestone.

Suddenly, the realization dawned upon the Nerdlove readership that, true to their geeky nature, they enjoyed the dating fandom far more than the dating itself.… continue reading »

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Later in the game, when your girlfriend’s skill increases, you can use it to get top scores from piano dating by letting her play the more difficult parts. Omikuji are fortune-telling paper strips granting you one of possible luck or curse effects for one day.… continue reading »

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Futadom World – Binding Sim is a dating simulator game. Betty will tell you a little more about this event at the very beginning of the game, when she first comes to collect rent. Depending on your stats and romances, there’s a lot of different possible outcomes during Goddess Day… continue reading »

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This leads to Multiple Endings, though some Dating Sims make it possible to see several of these "endings" in a single playthrough. Agarest Senki - where the level of affection between the protagonist and the chosen heroine will affect the outcome of the next generation protagonist.… continue reading »

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Speed Dating is about getting as many dates as possible in as little time as you can. Just don’t mess them up. Pick the right things to say, try few pick up lines and you will succeed!V-Day Sim Date is a dating simulator game for boys in which you try to impress and charm a girl.… continue reading »

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Computers can be used to simulate different scenarios to work out all of the possible outcomes. This is called 'modelling'. Flight simulators to help train aircraft pilots. 3D models of buildings and products to simulate how designs will look when built.… continue reading »

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