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Set within Tokyo's sprawl in 1984, the book weaves two narratives that intersect and criss-cross without touching.Aomame, a killer-for-hire, dispenses with spousal abusers and rapists when she receives the job of her lifetime — killing the leader of a fringe religion known for abusing young girls.Below are 13 titles you can enjoy with a together: I'm talking about books that you'll both get something out of — not just ones that cater to his tastes. Barnes' 2011 Man Booker Prize-winning novel is a compelling narrative on the limits of responsibility, following the protagonist, Tony Webster, through his adolescent years when his closest friend, Adrian, commits suicide while away at Cambridge University.The book then gives way to the repercussions of Adrian's death on not only Tony, but their group of friends and lovers.

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All the while, Steinbeck explores America for what its own citizens don't see: the promise of emerging technologies, the hidden lives of migrant farmers, diverging political opinions, and the natural beauty contained within its shores.

Just on the border between novel and novella, Barnes's book is packed with succinct prose without being limited.

Ending is also intellectually deep without getting depressing, so your quiet, brooding boyfriend can appreciate this one with you.

While politics and history are featured prominently, Demick's account shows the fragile and ubiquitous elements of human life: elements of North Korean culture seen rarely in headlines.

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Click Here To Buy In Murakami's tell-tale style, 1Q84 creates a world slightly off-kilter from reality.

The book intersperses the history of the nation, yielding a book which is as informative as it is engrossing.