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We pride ourselves that we aim to make a very difficult and upsetting process as easy as possible.Our spacious funeral home and chapels of rest in Penrith have private parking facilities. Icon#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl,#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl-small,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl-small#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl-small,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl-small#local-search-wrapper . Icon.tripadvisor.small.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-left.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-right.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-caption#local-algo-listing .hotel-text#local-algo-listing .hotel-price#local-algo-listing .hotel-title#local-algo-listing ol li .picture .location-icon#local-algo-listing ol li .picture .location-icon i.

It is a development that we have no knowledge of nor would pass judgment.

He is formerly a Director at KPMG and a partner at Barnett Waddingham with subsequent senior positions at JLT and Buck Consultants.

Colin has advised pension scheme trustees throughout his career and also has specialist employer consulting experience.

We offer a comprehensive range of funeral services in Penrith and Cumbria and we will be more than happy to discuss any matter with you.

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His work has involved a wide range of work for both corporate and trustee clients, including actuarial valuations, accounting, benefit design, liability management and benefit insurance.