Get out debt without consolidating

02-Nov-2017 00:39

You can make larger payments or even extra payments.

If you make an extra payment, it’s completely interest-free.

If you don’t want to pay what you owe and want to get out of debt fast, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option.

Chapter 7 typically only takes about six months to complete.

There’s no end to the challenges you face when you have high interest rate credit card debt.

Minimum payments don’t make a dent and the payments eat up more and more of your budget as your balances increase.

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With if you take out a personal loan to get out of credit card debt, the monthly payments depend on the term you select. Just make sure you don’t make the term too long or you increase your costs.

If you have credit card debt in collections, always make sure the debt is yours to pay.

Debt consolidation loans help you pay off your debt without ruining your credit. Learn how consolidation loans work, how to get one, & potential fees.… continue reading »

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