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03-Nov-2017 00:21

Whenever Swift releases a single, listeners immediately wonder: which ex-boyfriend is she writing about?Swift tends to play coy on the subject of her muses, but fans have pieced the clues together over the years.Until her music stops sounding like a teenage diary, it's hard to imagine her maintaining a grown-up relationship.Beyond her romantic relationships, Swift has developed a habit in recent years of calling people out for their alleged mistakes.In fact, it's gotten to the point where she seems to be operating under the mindset of, "Fool me once, and I'm gonna tear you apart in public." Obviously, there's the whole Kanye West fiasco, which in recent weeks has turned into a disastrous case of he-said, she-said, but Swift has also gone after well-loved celebrities, including comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.She got mad at them for making fun of—you guessed it—her dating life at the 2013 Golden Globes.Say one wrong thing to, let's say, Selena Gomez, and suddenly you've got the "Bad Blood" music video all over again.

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Yes, that's normal for any 26-year-old, but when you jump from a scrappy DJ to a highfalutin thespian within weeks, you're telling the world you'll court just about anyone until you find your Prince Charming.

But for now, she's smack dab in the center of the spotlight, and that can be a very intense experience for someone who's not into that level of scrutiny.