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Thankfully these sections are divided by checkpoints, and screwing things up will allow you to restart chat in a certain place; this takes the edge off annoyance a little.All too soon, the game becomes a case of trial and error in most incidences; while some lines of dialogue, like “Let me smack you in the face!Along the way you will have to diffuse difficult situations, manipulate various people and ultimately use your chat-up skills to the extreme.And they said that Nintendo made consoles for kids.

A range of expressions have been designed for each, and while none look any more impressive than a Saturday morning episode of Scooby Doo, they do the job surprisingly well.

Depending on how you craft the conversation (and the conversations before hand) you will have one to several options of dialogue; will you let the weirdo that’s been hitting on you down gently, or use your rapier-like wit to leave them a traumatised mess quivering under the table?

Jun 4, 2015. Sprung was one of the Nintendo DS' launch titles, notable for being one of the few western-developed dating sims released commercially in the.… continue reading »

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Download 0030 - Sprung - The Dating Game for Nintendo DSNDS and play 0030 - Sprung - The Dating Game video game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device!… continue reading »

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Walkthrough Title, Date, Author, Size, Version. General FAQs/Guides. FAQ/Walkthrough Dutch DS, Jan 24, 2009, PSC_Patterson, 118.3 kb, Final.… continue reading »

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Mar 1, 2005. A dating sim! That's sort of a new one on me, but what the hell? It's fun. This isn't really along the same lines as Feel the Magic, since that game.… continue reading »

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